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In existence since 1945, the library of the Institute for Western Affairs maintains specialized collections on Germany, the history of Poland, world history, international relations and European affairs. Its holdings feature unique archives and press documentation. Open to the general public, the library makes its resources accessible to students, researchers, journalists and other readers with relevant interests. In addition to lending its resources, the library also provides scientific information.

The library’s holdings comprise more than 110,000 book and journal titles. It currently holds publications on the latest history of Germany, Polish-German relations as well as contemporary political, economic and social developments in Poland, Europe and the rest of the world. The institution is among a handful of libraries in Poland that have managed to amass such an extensive collection of Polish and foreign-language literature on German and international issues. The library’s catalogue is also available on line.


the Institute for Western Affairs in Poznan

ul. Mostowa 27 A
61-854 Poznań
NIP: 783-17-38-640