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Internships and scholarships


Internships are available to doctoral, graduate and undergraduate students majoring in fields consistent with the Institute’s research interests.

Apply for student internship

Student applicants are expected to submit a cover letter, a CV and a referral from their institution of education (where appropriate).

Candidates selected for interviews will be notified by mail.

Overview of student internships

Internship durations shall follow the specific rules applied by the student’s referring university.

Students shall be placed in the care of a supervisor designated by the Management of the Institute for Western Affairs.

Interns shall be expected to perform the responsibilities to which they are assigned. They will be placed in the Library, the Publishing House or the Archive of the Institute for Western Affairs, where they will carry out their responsibilities. Students may also become involved in the Institute’s research, specifically to conduct literature reviews or carry out other documentation tasks, as assigned by their internship supervisors. The Management may also assign interns to clerical duties. During their internship, students may use materials and publications that are suitable for their doctoral, Master’s or Bachelor’s theses/dissertations, if available at the Institute for Western Affairs.

Students shall keep an internship log (if required by their university) and check in on arrival at their placement location by signing an attendance list.

Once an internship has been completed, the internship advisor shall issue a certificate and, if required, an opinion regarding the internship and its scope. Certificates shall be issued against the presentation of the relevant attendance list.

No remuneration shall be provided to interns.


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