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About the Institute

The Publishing House

In operation since 1945, the Publishing House of the Institute for Western Affairs is an integral part of this research organization. It publishes mainly works on the history and present-day of Germany, focusing on political and economic and social issues as well as European integration, international relations, particularly between Poland and Germany, the history of the Nazi occupation and social and cultural transformations in Western and Northern Territories. The Publishing House publishes dissertations by the Institute’s staff and authors from other Polish and international research organizations.

Its key publishing series are Prace Instytutu Zachodniego, Studium Niemcoznawcze Instytutu Zachodniego, Ziemie Zachodnie – Studia i Materiały, Biblioteka Przeglądu Zachodniego, Documenta Occupationis and Studia Europejskie. The scholarly and general interest works put out by the Publishing House of the Institute for Western Affairs serve to educate people and fulfill other social functions. They help monitor and analyze political, economic and social processes in contemporary world. A large proportion of its works are published internationally.

In addition to books (of which more than 500 has appeared so far), the Publishing House puts out IZ Policy Papers and, in an electronic form, the Bulletins of the Institute for Western Affairs. Since 1945, the Publishing House has also published the Przegląd Zachodni journal (with 357 issues thus far), occasionally appearing in English (5 issues).

Both the new releases and the archive works of the Publishing House of the Institute for Western Affairs can be purchased directly from the Institute, in the online bookstore and in selected science bookstores. Information on the publications is available on the Institute’s website.


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