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Przegląd Zachodni

Adaptations and security in a changing environment

Adaptations and security in a changing environment
  • Binding: paperback
  • Author: collective work
  • Publisher: Instytut Zachodni
  • PL ISSN: 0033-2437
  • Publication date: 30 August 2023
  • Number: 3/2023
  • Number of pages: 274
  • Size: A5

The defining experience of the 2030s is one that not only profoundly shapes individual destinies but also transforms the dynamics of societies, states, and the international community. Delving into the intricate challenges associated with this phenomenon, an article zeroes in on the factors behind the rise of an extreme populist party in eastern Germany. Nearly four decades after reunification, threats to stability emerge against the background of the distinctive Ossi mindset. These issues trace back to the time during which Germany was split into two separate states, a division that lingers despite the colossal reunification effort. The lacking sense of dignity and security in one's homeland continues to breed problems. In this context, the book “Turks, Jews and Other Germans in Contemporary Art” by Peter Chametzky raises thought-provoking and artistically-framed questions about identity amid a disconcertingly dark shadow cast by exclusion and ignorance. All this surprisingly unfolds in Germany, of all countries, a nation long acquainted with cultural diversity.

These shifts, which further challenge both individual well-being and state security, are described in articles on the German job market and cybersecurity in Estonia and Latvia. As adaptations are sought, conflicts arise between narrow interests and broader national concerns. Evaluating the wisdom of courses taken, such as in German policy towards Russia, will undoubtedly take time.

While the changes, policy adjustments, social transformations, and developmental opportunities and challenges discussed in this Przegląd Zachodni edition are rooted predominantly in the German experience, the insights gleaned by the authors are universally applicable.

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