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About the Institute



The Institute for Western Affairs:

is Poland’s leading institute for research and analysis specializing in German studies,

conducts research and makes its outcomes available for political, social and economic practitioners, with a particular focus on foreign policy,

serves as a hub of knowledge and education on processes taking place in Germany and its international environment,

is renowned for working together with foreign institutions and centers,

offers a platform for dialogue and cooperation for Polish research and analytical institutions.


The Institute for Western Affairs is a leading research, analytical and educational institute specializing thematically in Poland, Germany and Europe.

The Institute disseminates – to stakeholders in Poland – knowledge on processes taking place beyond Poland’s western frontier and Polish-German relations. It also circulates internationally interpretations of such processes thereby shaping Poland’s foreign policy.

The Institute operates in the field of political science and education with respect for the freedom of scientific research, in the spirit of tolerance and dialogue.

In the pursuit of its activities, the Institute collaborates with its supervisory body and other public administration bodies and local government authorities.

The institute gathers, processes and makes available to public authorities information on significant political, social and economic developments and processes, carries out analyses and experts studies, develops projections and organizes and conducts research on:

Polish-German relations,

political, economic, social and cultural transformations in Germany,

Germany’s role in Europe and the world,

Europe’s role in international relations, including international governance and security,

the collective remembrance and policies concerning the history of the diaspora and diaspora policies.



the Institute for Western Affairs in Poznan

ul. Mostowa 27 A
61-854 Poznań
NIP: 783-17-38-640