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The editors of Przegląd Zachodni
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Chief editor of Przegląd Zachodni
dr Natalia Jackowska
tel. +48 61 852 76 91 w. 401, +48 61 852 28 54

Executive editor
Romualda Zwierzycka
tel. +48 61 852 28 54

fax: +48 61 852 49 05

The editorial office requests that texts be submitted electronically. Rejected material shall not be returned. The editorial office reserves the right to abridge and/or modify texts. The submitting party is expected to hold relevant copyrights. Proof of ownership of a relevant copyright document that specifically refers to the submission shall be provided to the Institute for Western Affairs for its exclusive use (this applies also to articles posted (electronically) on the website of the Institute for Western Affairs).

the Institute for Western Affairs in Poznan

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