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Bulletin of the Institute for Western Affairs, ed. 33 (453): German Visions for the Future of Europe

Bulletin of the Institute for Western Affairs, ed. 33 (453)/2020: Caroline von Lampe „German Visions for the Future of Europe ”

The European Integration project has been generally well received by German legal theorists. However, they agree that in its current state, the EU lacks efficiency in crisis handling and needs to reform its capabilities. Such reforms should be goal-oriented as well as realistic, respecting national identities and the diversity of the EU’s Member states. Specifically, jurists advocate establishing stricter guidelines for the application of the principle of subsidiarity, possibly transferring sovereignty back to the Member states in selected fields and focusing on selected European issues of critical importance on which the EU would be empowered to act more efficiently. This includes, specifically, closer cooperation in the monetary Union and a common foreign and security policy.

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