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The end of naivety. How can Europe’s position be strengthened in the systemic rivalry with China?

The Institute for Western Affairs and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung invite to the international conference: "The end of naivety. How can Europe’s position be strengthened in the systemic rivalry with China?"

The conference will take place in the Institute for Western Affaris in Poznan on March 16th 2023 at 13:30-18:00.
The aim of the conference will be to reflect on changes in European policy towards China in the context of a deepening geopolitical two-block rivalry. The publication of Germany's first 'China strategy' is expected to mark a turning point and a departure from Berlin's hitherto primarily economic interest-driven attitude in its relations with China. A process of changing perceptions of China is also taking place in other EU Member States - in Poland and other countries in the Central and Eastern Europe, this is primarily due to Beijing's 'pro-Russian neutrality' with regard to the war in Ukraine. Also at the EU level, one can note measures aimed at building resilience against risks arising from China's increasingly assertive and expansive policy in the fields of economic relations and trade, technology, digitalization, research and international affairs.

The conference will discuss prospects for the future policy of the EU and its Member States towards China, taking into account key elements: economic dependence, supply chains and access to raw materials, China's non-market practices and aspirations for technological leadership, digital standards, cybersecurity, systemic differences regarding human rights, risks arising from China's sharp power activities in Europe as well as sub-state level of the relations.

The theme of the conference will be the question of what lessons should be drawn in Europe from the misguided policy towards Russia for future policy towards China, especially in the context of the increasing possibility of an escalation in the Taiwan Strait in the coming years and its consequences for the global economy.
Simultaneous Polish-English translation will be provided during the conference.
The conference will be livestreamed on the Youtube channel of the Institute for Western Affairs: Instytut Zachodni - YouTube
The program of the conference is available here.

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