Conference: The European Union after the Elections to the European Parliament: Chaos or New Order? (15.05.2019)


Conference: The European Union after the Elections to the European Parliament: Chaos or New Order?

Warsaw, 15th May 2019

(Zebra Tower, Mokotowska 1)

Conference concept
Current results of public opinion polls in the European Union Member States indicate that there will be a shift in the balance of power within the central European parties after May elections to the European Parliament. It is highly likely that the major European parties will be weakened and that the representation of Eurosceptic and anti-establishment movements will increase. It is also expected that groups in favor of a different vision  of a further process of European integration than that currently presented of the factions  in the European Parliament will grow stronger.
The conference aims to analyze possible scenarios of changes for the EU after  The elections in fields with essential meaning to potential and position in the international playground. The topic of the first part of the conference will be further reforms of the Economic and Monetary Union and institutional transformations under the Common Foreign and Security Policy. The participants will be looking for answers to questions about, among others, the possibility of implementation of new initiatives related to the improvement of the condition of the eurozone, as well as the (lacking?) impact of future reforms on the EU's economic potential. The panel will also consider the possibility of increasing the effectiveness of European foreign policy and its instruments serving the effective EU response to changes in the international environment.
The second session of the conference will deal with prospects of further development  of institutions and instruments under the Common Security and Defence Policy, including future cooperation between the EU and NATO, the development of joint military capabilities, as well as the possibilities of collaboration between the Member States in the field of international security with the United Kingdom after the Brexit.

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