Around Princess’s Izabela Czartoryska’s art of garden design (22.05.2019)


We invite you to the meeting „Around Princess’s Izabela Czartoryska’s art of garden design”, which will take place on the 22nd May 2019 at 4 PM in the Działyński Palace (the Red Room) in Poznań, Stary Rynek 78.

The Princess’s work „Various Thoughts on Garden Establishing” (1808) and the wonderful edition of the German translation „Mancherlei Gedanken über die Art und Weise, Gärten anzulegen” (2018) are going to serve as a basis for debate about the phenomenon of interspersing cultures, the exchange of ideas and mutual inspiration between Poland and Germany.

Guests from Germany and Poland will take part in the meeting, including the authors of the German edition: dr Michael Niedermeier (the initiator of the edition, a member of the Pückler-Gesellschaft e.V. Berlin association), dr Renata Kwaśniak (co-author of the translation, participant in the editorial project, Berlin) and Katrin Schulze (author of a Master thesis about I. Czartoryska, co-author of the German translation, Berlin). We are also expecting Barbara Werner (art historian, specialising in historical gardens, Łazienki Królewskie, Warsaw) and dr inż. arch Gabriela Klause (landmark preservation and architectural historian, Poznań).

Simultaneous interpretation from German will be provided.

We invite you to attend the meeting and discuss Princess’s Czartoryska’s  timeless principles of garden design as well as contemporary ideas, inspired by her work.

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